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The intention that I had when I asked my friend Kazuya Yamane to draw a logo for this site was to show some of the most representative cacti of the country. Thus, I chose to have the Mandacaru, the Xique-Xique and the Cabeça-de-Frade as the cacti symbols for my site. These cacti are also well known by most of the people of my Country. 

The tree-like cactus is a Mandacaru cactus, this name being the common one for Cereus jamacaru, a widespread tree cactus, symbol of the Northeast region of my country. 

The shrubby cactus is a Xique-Xique cactus, this name being the common one for Pilosocereus gounellei, a shrubby cactus characteristic of the most semi-arid regions of the Northeastern Brazil. 
The globular cactus is a Cabeça-de-Frade (also Coroa-de-Frade), this name being the common one for the Melocactus and Discocactus species that occur in Brazil. These common names mean Friar-Head and Friar-Cap respectively, being a reference to the cephalium borne by these plants, being reminiscent of the cap of a Friar. The specific cactus pictured is a Melocactus margaritaceus, a threatened species of the coastal regions of the Northeastern states of Brazil. 

I am grateful to Kazuya for the wonderful and unforgettable picture that he drew for my site! 


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Melocactus margaritaceus