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A website dedicated to the popularization and 
conservation of the species of the Cactaceae family 
that occur in Brazil 

Welcome to The Brazilian Cacti Project!

I intend to make this a central place on the Internet that gathers information about the Brazilian species of cacti, and on the environment where these species occur. Here anyone will be able to find information about our native plants.

What exactly does this site intends to contain?

The site will also deal with the Brazilian ecosystems and vegetation domains such as Caatinga, Cerrado, etc.

As you can see, this is an ambitious project that will take a long time to complete. However, it can be built little by little, with the help of interested people - like you!

The main goal of this Web site is to describe the native Brazilian species of cacti, their habitats, distribution, etc. with the aim of advancing conservation of wild populations. I want to alert the people of my country that these cacti can, and very well may, disappear unless we address these concerns now. I also want to instill in them the  desire to cultivate these plants and to take a personal, active role in conserving their habitats. At the same time, I want to inform the International Community of these same things.

I want to make this site the center for the study and dissemination of information concerning Brazilian Cacti. In order to do this, I need your help  and assistance. You are invited to contribute any information, texts, articles, images, etc. that relate to Brazilian cacti. Please help me make this site excellent in every respect!


You can find, among the miscellaneous pages in this site not directly related with the Brazilian cacti, a page with a description of the pictured cacti in the logo of the The Brazilian Cacti Project site, a page with a little of information about myself, and a page where I acknowledge all the people that are helping me with the construction of this site.

In order to become familiar with Brazilian cacti, you will need some information about Brazil itself:

Now, the Brazilian Cacti:
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