Conservation of the native cacti of Brazil

My country is changing quite fast, and this means a lot of environmental destruction. Not all Brazilian people possess an ecological conscience geared toward developing a harmony with, and preservation of, nature - in equilibrium with the environment. In fact, most of the people are indifferent to the destruction of the environment that is taking place. They say "it is necessary to preserve the Amazon Rainforest" - but they do nothing about it, and they do nothing to protect the flora existing in their own backyards.

The people that deforest and destroy the native vegetation in order to establish plantations and pastures are often unconscious of what they are doing - unconscious as to the importance of preserving a little of the flora and fauna. However, these people sometimes are conscious of what they are doing, yet even so they place personal interests above the interests of humanity. None of these people think of the future - just of the immediate gains that they can obtain.

The native cacti, as a part of the diverse ecosystems that occur in my country, are also being destroyed. We are affecting their distribution, isolating their populations more and more, and unhappily we are losing some taxa altogether. What this will mean for the evolution of these plants is impossible to foresee.

I really want to personally play a role in the conservation of these plants, and of many other plants of the magnificent flora of my country. I want to be able to know and to study them in their habitats, and also I want that the future generations can do the same.

Maybe some people will think that I am being an alarmist - it could be true. But, an old proverb of my country says that "is better to prevent than to remedy", and I believe that if we delay in taking action, then it can be too late for us to reverse the situation.

This section will contain texts dealing with the status of conservation of the diverse ecosystems of Brazil, and about the attitudes and  postures that are being taken, and about the projects that are being accomplished in order to preserve our wild flora.

Please take a minute more of your time, and carefully read and study the IOS Code of conduct - an excellent compilation of instructions that we should use to govern our acts and relationships with cacti and all other plants.

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